With Dragon Balls ever growing power creep adding new characters with each update results in some characters with lower power levels have same stats even though they can be significantly more powerful in comparison.

Some examples I've noticed:
-Neiz (Power level of 163000)
-Nicky (Power level of 1200)
Each have 1/1/1
-Ginyu (Power level of 120000)
-Dr Kochin (power level of 8)
Each have 2/2/2

I know the point of the game isn't to be 100% spot on with source material since it would make game less fun to play and I hope this recommendation doesn't fall in that category. However I remembered that in earlier versions there was limit of 5/5/5 which was expanded to 10/10/10 when stuff from DBS started being added so I was thinking that maybe another expansion to 15/15/15 might be helpful to balance some characters in comparison and maybe even leave room for future insanity that Toyotarou brings upon us.

We can't be really accurate, as power levels are set in a huge scale, we have a limited scale but if Kochin have a this power level, then yes we should modify his stats.

"Power levels" will never be scaled up. The difference between 1 and 10 is already huge when punching or moving around. Making it bigger will just make the game cranky and even more unbalanced.

If you want debates about power numbers instead of fun, there's the Dragon Ball Wikia for that wink

Here's Akira Toriyama's interview, regarding power levels:
https://www.kanzenshuu.com/translations … sensei-qa/

Akira Toriyama wrote:

However, I could foresee that it’d be an inconvenience for me down the line, because if you knew a concrete number, then you could tell who would win or lose, so with regards to Goku & co., I decided that [their power] would change due to “Ki” and couldn’t be adequately measured.